Green Illusions: The Dirty Strategies of Clean Energy and also the Way ahead for Environmentalism


We don’t provide an energy crisis. There exists a consumption crisis. Which book, that takes focus on cherished assumptions regarding energy, offers refreshingly straight talk about what’s wrong with all the approach we take to think and talk about the issue. Though we generally believe we are able to solve environmental issues with more energy-more cells, wind generators, and biofuels-alternative technologies have their particular negative effects and limitations. How, for example, do solar panels cause harm? Why can’t engineers solve wind power’s biggest obstacle? Why won’t contraception solve the situation of overpopulation, lying in the middle of our concerns about energy, along with what will?

This practical, environmentally informed, and lucid book persuasively argues for a change of perspective. If consumption may be the problem, as Ozzie Zehner suggests, then we need to shift our focus far from suspect alternative energies and toward improving social and political fundamentals: walkable communities, improved consumption, enlightened governance, and, particularly, women’s rights. The dozens of initial steps he offers are surprisingly straightforward. For example, he introduces a simple sticker that promises a larger impact than every one of the nation’s cells. He uncovers why carbon taxes won’t solve our energy challenges (and presents two taxes that can). Finally, he explores how future environmentalists will focus on similarly fresh alternatives which are affordable, clean, and may actually improve wellbeing.

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